How to choose a bathroom shower? Know everything.

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The "2021 White Paper on Family Hygiene and Healthy Life in China" shows that bathroom space is becoming the space with the highest rate of remodeling in more families. 64.68% of the interviewees said that when decorating the home environment, the investment in the bathroom takes the first place, 75.66% Of people expressed their desire to remodel the bathroom.

In Asia, consumers' demand for smart toilets is becoming a habit. Compared with the European market, smart toilets have become popular in the Chinese market earlier, and the demand for smart bathrooms has developed earlier and more mature.

Facing the consumption habits of the Chinese market, established European sanitary ware brands are winning young consumers through smarter, aesthetic, and sterile products.

Spanish sanitary ware brand Roca recently released a new Kuma series customized for Chinese consumers, including smart toilets, furniture, basins, bathtubs and faucets.